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Theoi Meteoroi

I have always been particularly drawn towards classical Greek mythology. The manner in which the Greeks deified the natural world enchanted me as a child. For a culture without the jaded facts of modern science, personification seems like an ideal way to approach and understand the temperamental nature of the sky.

Source: Charles Betz


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William Edmonds Landscape

William Edmonds' "Landscape"

I’ve never been one to pick artists’ brains about a former piece of work when I meet them, but I haven’t stopped thinking about William Edmonds since I first saw this piece. His landscapes would be the first thing I would ask him about if I ran in to him on Brick Lane after plying him with a chocolate-banana frappe and a few lager & limes.

Source: William Edmonds

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Reinoso Spaghetti Bench

Pablo Reinoso's "Spaghetti Bench"

I would be so happy to find this beautiful Reinoso bench in the atrium of a large public library, or against a vine-covered brick wall of a secret garden in South Kensington.

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Caspian Sea (2006)

Maya Lin's "Caspian Sea"

Maya Lin’s inverse topography of the floor of the Caspian Sea, where liquid negative space is transformed into a solid sculpture.

Source: Arcspace

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Source: Josefin Hellström-Olsson

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Lego Forever

Lego housewares

Lego housewares

Interactive design, unlimited potential. I’ve been thinking about Lego USB cards for ages – the perfect transition piece for quarter-life professionals.

Source: Do Something Pretty, Lego Shop

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5T4R W4R5

Serge Seidlitz helmet

Ecko sweatshirt

Ecko sweatshirt

I don’t know what took me so long, but it seems all my latest inspirations come from mid- to late-90s film and television. NFG has been thinking the same thing about Star Wars apparel. The Ecko sweatshirt is an especially welcome change after months of the cheap LRG full zip skeleton hoodie knockoffs that seemed to comprise most of the stock at Camden Market.

Source: Ecko, Serge Seidlitz

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