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Jermyn and St. James

The Sartorialist in Milan

The Sartorialist in Milan

Francesco Carrozzini for Luomo Vogue

Francesco Carrozzini for L'uomo Vogue

“Always insert the shoe trees immediately after removing the feet, while the leather is still warm. Make sure that whoever polishes your shoes (the assumption is that it will be a minion, and not yourself) works the polish well into the join between sole and upper. And bring the shoes in every year or so for servicing. (When you do, they will be received in the same way that a nursing home wecomes a rich hypochondriac, with solicitous inquiries as to his current state of health, followed by prolonged rest and treatment.)”

Mayle, Peter. Acquired Tastes. New York: Bantam, 1992.

Source: Calikartel, The Sartorialist


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Dmitri Mendeleev

Wines of Substance

Wines of Substance

Franks Whats Your Poison coasters

Frank's What's Your Poison coasters

RRemède à la Déconfiture

Remède à la Déconfiture

Source: Design Museum Shop, The Dieline, Remède à la Déconfiture

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Ambien lighting

Phillips Wake Up Light 2008

Phillips' Wake Up Light 2008

Source: Designws

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2577 °F

Two Creates Melt candlelights

Two Create's Melt candlelights

Kyouei lamps

Kyouei lamps

Kyouei bookmark

Kyouei bookmark

Source: Generate Design, Yatzer

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Bertrand Planes Life Clock 3

Bertrand Planes' "Life Clock 3"

Source: Bertrand Planes

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Time lapse

Eniko Mihalik at age 10

Eniko Mihalik at age 10

Eniko Mahilik at age 30

Eniko Mihalik at age 30

Eniko Mahilik at age 50

Eniko Mihalik at age 50

20 year old Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik styled for the November 2008 issue of Vogue Paris to span 60 years.

Source: Picdit

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Smithsonian Oh Wow collection

Smithsonian "Oh Wow" collection

Kelly McCallums taxidermy

Kelly McCallum's taxidermy

Blaize Simons Mutate Britain

Blaize Simon's "Mutate Britain"

Source: Dezeen, Falter, Smithsonian

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