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Fagetas Boris The Climber (using Delauney Raster tool)

Fageta's Boris The Climber (using Delauney Raster tool)

Hektor Draws a Landscape

Hektor Draws a Landscape (using Hektor Interface)

Luna Maurers Drawing Typologies design

Luna Maurer's Drawing Typologies design (using Text Pencil)

Scriptographer is beyond my grasp first thing in the morning. The Adobe Illustrator-based script plug in facilitates “the creation of mouse controlled drawing-tools” which appeals to all my vector-graphic-loving sides – the same aspects of myself that prefer to watch people play video games rather than take the controllers myself. I am always happy to discover tools that allow graphic designers to greater meet my aesthetic desires without my taking up the tablet.

Luna Maurer‘s design for the Drawing Typologies exhibit uses Text Pencil, a modern Microsoft Word Art, which pushes text up and down from grid lines, providing a more natural, cut-and-paste feel for computer-generated words and paragraphs. Hektor, “a portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers,” uses Illustrator-based script to operate a robotic paint-and-pulley apparatus that creates mechanized sprays of ink similar to a large-scale laserjet printer.

User-generated Scriptographer as a whole embraces a more fluid sense of computer-based graphic design, lending a tactile hand to a potentially flat and two-dimensional discipline.

Source: Fageta, Scriptographer


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