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Tixinda for Nike

Tixinda for Nike

The unbelievable Tixinda team knock is straight out of the park with their Mayan stylings. The colours, lines and a spirited take on traditional art keep me going through these hot summer nights.



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As part of the Danish and Nordic Pavilions exhibition by Elmgreen & Dragset as curators/artists, a body floats in a pool outside a home which is being sold at the Biennale of Venice on Thursday, June 4, 2009. (Todd Heisler/The New York Times)

"As part of the Danish and Nordic Pavilions' exhibition by Elmgreen & Dragset as curators/artists, a "body" floats in a pool outside a home which is being "sold" at the Biennale of Venice on Thursday, June 4, 2009."

A London artist once explained to me that art often doesn’t take on meaning to the artist until its completion – the press releases and exhibit handbills are composed solely for those who seek explanation.  If this is true, why do we care so much about what art ‘means’?

The Big Picture gets it just right with their coverage of this year’s Venice Biennale installations. The glossy photojournalism is almost as satisfying as the minimal commentary.


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Irina Troitskayas Set of most strange animals - ant-eater, sloth, koala, armadillo, alcatraz azure, duck-bill and echidna

Irina Troitskaya's set of most strange animals


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Irina Troitskayas Norse Tale

Irina Troitskaya's Norse Tale

Irina Troitskatas Norse Tale

Irina Troitskata's Norse Tale

“Two illustrations inspired with the legend of the River Styx”

Source: Irina Troitskaya

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AJ Fosiks Untitled Ghost

AJ Fosik's Untitled Ghost

George Korsmits Chemistry of Desire

George Korsmit's Chemistry of Desire

AJ Fosiks Three Into One

AJ Fosik's Three Into One

George Korsmits Chemistry of Desire (2nd version)

George Korsmit's Chemistry of Desire (2nd version)

Soure: George Korsmit, Jonathan Levine Gallery

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*cellar-fcps Two Prostitutes

cellar-fcp's Two Prostitutes

Degas The Dance

Edgar Degas' The Dance Examination

Degas Labsinthe

Edgar Degas' L'absinthe

I’m not very familiar with the deviantART culture but I love looking at people’s drawings and doodles, and an hour on the website is like rummaging through a yard sale of sketch books and textbook covers. One user profile I especially enjoy is Hong Kong’s Cellar-FCP whose Prostitute series lends a classic air to a somewhat sordid subject with lifelike brush strokes and Japanese portrait angles.

My first response to “Two Prostitutes” was a nostalgic reflection on first-year art history, landing immediately on the stylings of Edgar Degas’ ballerinas. No surprise, then, to see that the artists lists “Manet, Monet, klimt, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Schiele, Hiroaki Samura, Nihei Tsutomu [and] Yukito Kishiro” as inspirations.

Cellar-FCP deviates nicely from the abundance of anime/manga-style artists on the site with a nod towards the salon paintings of a formet time, before computer-based cultural interactions.

Source: CGFA, deviantART, Empty Easel

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Sam Songailo

Sam Songailo for Iain Dawson exhibition

Panamanian tapir mola

Panamanian tapir mola

I’ve been especially hyped on South American art, textiles and illustration lately. Sam Songailo‘s paintings remind me of Panamanian molas, unfinished fabric panels embroidered with a reverse appliqué technique. A reverse appliqué involves several layers of fabric quilted together, the top layer being cut to reveal coloured fabrics underneath (a sort of textile equivalent to the tempera paint and wax crayon projects we did in elementary school).

Songailo approaches his abstract paintings from a similar mindset with an “intricate layering of visual systems, systems that draw you in with a particular intensity of colour, an obsession with surface, texture and colour.”

Source: Booooooooom, TPF

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