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Tea time

Core 77s sugar cubes

Spiceship's sugar cubes

Core 77s sugar cubes

Spiceship's' sugar cubes

Iain Jones Tea Fix

Iain Jones' Tea Fix

Iain Jones‘ snap-together tea set with saucer, spoon and doily would pair wonderfully with Audrey Russel and John Truex‘s breeze block sugar cubes. A make-work project for someone with my affinity for builder’s tea.

Source: Cube Me, Iain Jones


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Selettis ceramic milk jug

Seletti's ceramic milk jug

Gabriel Lefebvres milk carton

Gabriel Lefebvre's milk carton

Raw Edges mik cartons

Raw Edges' mik cartons

Marc Praquins milk carton

Marc Praquin's milk carton

Hattomonkeys milk carton

Hattomonkey's milk carton

Hattomonkeys milk carton

Hattomonkey's milk carton

Source: Design Museum Shop, Hattomonkey, Lovely Package, Visual Advice

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Ferran Lajaras Pinxo clip

Ferran Lajara’s Pinxo clip fits my ideals for design: thoughtful, classic, well-finished and simpler than its intended use.

Source: Moco Loco

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Yurko Gutsulyaks Calendar Matches

Yurko Gutsulyak's Calendar Matches

Yurko Gutsulyaks Calendar Matches

Yurko Gutsulyak's Calendar Matches

Susanna Hertrichs Chrono Shredder

Susanna Hertrich's Chrono Shredder

Mujis moveable acrylic calendar

Muji's moveable acrylic calendar

Source:  This Next, Susanna Hertrich, Xhibitr

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stop CY

Lottie Dukes concept for Transport for London

Lottie Duke's concept for Transport for London

Aren’t vehicles, like buildings, supposed to convey a sense of purpose and personality in their design? I can only see a Ferrero Rocher plastic chocolate box lid on top of a melted Matchbox model of a vintage Route Master.

I have never seen a more mortified person than a West Londoner forced to take the bus, so I can appreciate tinting the windows on the 73 route, and now I understand how embarrassed they feel just looking at this Merit award winner by Lottie Duke.

Source: Transport for London

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9 mins

Studio Smeets Designs Lili Lite bookshelf

Studio Smeets Design's Lili Lite bookshelf

Amsterdam’s design team at Studio Smeets have created a bookshelf with a light built into the apex, which switches off when you rest your book on top of it. Although the essential form smacks of Ikea’s Kirp bookshelf, it is an incredibly thoughtful design.

Source: Holy Cool

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Smash and grab

Form Nasielskys Glasklasen

Form Nasielsky's Glasklasen

Demelza Hills Chandelier

Demelza Hill's Chandelier

UK designer Demelza Hill’s Chandelier is made from recycled shot glasses. Following Anya Hindmarch’s ubiquitous “I Am Not A Plastic Bag” tote (which I admit I lined up for at 7am in Vancouver when it was first released, not anticipating the deluge of Portobello Road facsimiles), this is one of the more charming approaches I have seen the Brits take towards accessible, ‘sustainable’ design.

Source: Demelza Hill, Inhabitat

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