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FredriksonStallard s Table #6

Fredrikson Stallard 's Rubber Table



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Hackenbroich Architecten's interior for Haarwerk hair salon

Hackenbroich Architectens interior for Haarwerk hair salon

Hackenbroich Architecten's interior for Haarwerk hair salon

John Truex Bracket Shelves

John Truex' bracket shelves

John Truex bracket shelves

John Truex' bracket shelves

John Truex rope chair

John Truex' rope chair

Source: Design Boom, Dezeen

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Rob Brandts porcelain Crinkle Cup

Rob Brandt's Crinkle Cup

Julien de Smedts china Crushed Bowl

Julien de Smedt's Crushed Bowl

Selettis ceramic Fruit Plate

Seletti's Fruit Plate

For years, I’ve been amassing a table service of ceramic dishes with Century Gothic curves, each painted in contrasting colours to mix and match. This year, Seletti has thrown me for a loop with witty and beautiful pieces and a clean white aesthetic. I’m particularly keen on their white patent leather tablecloth that takes me back to the fabric-lined synthetic tablecloths we used to take camping that are so practical, but never lovely.

Julien de Smedt‘s origami-style china bowl would look fantastic filled with colourful spherical fruit and Rob Brandt‘s Crinkle Cup is begging for a chewed-up bendy straw to slurp pink lemonade from.

Source: Design Museum, Dezeen, Frizzi Frizzi

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Tea time

Core 77s sugar cubes

Spiceship's sugar cubes

Core 77s sugar cubes

Spiceship's' sugar cubes

Iain Jones Tea Fix

Iain Jones' Tea Fix

Iain Jones‘ snap-together tea set with saucer, spoon and doily would pair wonderfully with Audrey Russel and John Truex‘s breeze block sugar cubes. A make-work project for someone with my affinity for builder’s tea.

Source: Cube Me, Iain Jones

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Lightning chandelier

Schemeta Studios Kurage chandelier

Schemeta Studio's Kurage fibre optic chandelier

Schemata Studios kurage fibre optic chandelier

Schemata Studio's Kurage fibre optic chandelier

Camilla Diedrichs fibre optic wallpaper

Camilla Diedrich's Nature Ray Charles fibre optic wallpaper

Kurosawas reflector lamp

Yodo Kurosawa's reflector lamp

The foil on Kurosawa’s lamp reflects light in a lightning pattern on a ceiling and certainly deserves an industrial fan focuses directly on it to create movement. Strattman‘s Hanging Lumiglas lamp is a great commercial entry point.

Source: Fubiz, Gizmodo, Youtube (video by Tom Warner)

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James Hopkins Afterparty

James Hopkins' "Afterparty"

Stephan Balleux Sinking Skull

Stephan Balleux' "Sinking Skull"

Stephan Balleux Tribute to Tomohiro Nishikado #02

Stephan Balleux' "Tribute to Tomohiro Nishikado #02"

Source: Apartment Therapy, Stephan Balleux

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Cardboard Safaris mounted deer head

Cardboard Safari's "mounted deer head"

Northern Lightings Moo lamp

Northern Lighting's "Moo" lamp

Mujis press out owl

Muji's "press out owl"

Ibrides Joe the Polar Bear shelf

Ibride's "Joe the Polar Bear" shelf

Source: Dezeen, Joe the Polar Bear, Mod Cloth, Muji

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