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Rob Brandts porcelain Crinkle Cup

Rob Brandt's Crinkle Cup

Julien de Smedts china Crushed Bowl

Julien de Smedt's Crushed Bowl

Selettis ceramic Fruit Plate

Seletti's Fruit Plate

For years, I’ve been amassing a table service of ceramic dishes with Century Gothic curves, each painted in contrasting colours to mix and match. This year, Seletti has thrown me for a loop with witty and beautiful pieces and a clean white aesthetic. I’m particularly keen on their white patent leather tablecloth that takes me back to the fabric-lined synthetic tablecloths we used to take camping that are so practical, but never lovely.

Julien de Smedt‘s origami-style china bowl would look fantastic filled with colourful spherical fruit and Rob Brandt‘s Crinkle Cup is begging for a chewed-up bendy straw to slurp pink lemonade from.

Source: Design Museum, Dezeen, Frizzi Frizzi


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